150 Husbands

A Memoir for Hope and Transformation

by Tanisha Martin


150 Husbands, A Memoir for Hope and Transformation

Caring for Simon, his multiple personalities (real or faked, I'll never know), his real life, and his "inside world" was a thrill that made me feel like the queen I was afraid to hope I could be!

...That is until the part of him called Animal sexually assaulted me, Simon disappeared in the inside world, and the dark warlord, Legion, came forward to take over Simon's life.

Countless battles in both worlds later, I am ripping off the security blanket of my soul to tell my bizarre true story of insurrection and inspiration.

Tanisha is an Empowerment Coach, 5th Degree Black Belt Master, and owner of the Colorado Springs Chinese Shao-lin Center for kung fu, tai chi, and meditation.

She aims to raise awareness about the signs of abuse, remove the stigma from victims, and let those who are struggling know they matter.

150 Husbands is coming soon!

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*** Trigger warning ***

While some aspects are implied rather than explitly detailed, to raise awareness and accurately portray
the harsh reality I experienced (and many others still suffer through), some details must be included.
Themes include domestic violence, sexual abuse and manipulation, extreme porn obsession,
infidelity, and multiple-personality behavior.


Copyright 2017 Tanisha Martin. All rights reserved.